On Wed, 11 Jul 2018 18:41:50 +0800
Jeff Guo <jia....@intel.com> wrote:

> As we know, hot plug is an importance feature, either use for the datacenter
> device’s fail-safe, or use for SRIOV Live Migration in SDN/NFV. It could bring
> the higher flexibility and continuality to the networking services in multiple
> use cases in industry. So let we see, dpdk as an importance networking
> framework, what can it help to implement hot plug solution for users.
> We already have a general device event detect mechanism, failsafe driver,
> bonding driver and hot plug/unplug api in framework, app could use these to
> develop their hot plug solution.

I like seeing a better solution to hot plug. But it is worth mentioning
that for the Hyper-V netvsc driver this is mostly unnecessary. The Hyper-V
host notifies the network driver directly about availability of SRIOV
device, and the netvsc device driver can use that to do its own VF
management. It doesn't really need (or want) to be using a general
PCI solution.

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