On 12-Jul-18 4:08 AM, Takeshi Yoshimura wrote:
The workaround of BAR0 mapping does not work if BAR0 area is smaller
than page size (64KB in ppc). In addition, we no longer need the
workaround in recent Linux because VFIO allows MSIX mapping (*).
This fix is just to skip the workaround if BAR0 is smarller than a page.

(*): "vfio-pci: Allow mapping MSIX BAR",

Fixes: 90a1633b2347 ("eal/linux: allow to map BARs with MSI-X tables")

Signed-off-by: Takeshi Yoshimura <t.yoshimura8...@gmail.com>

Minimum support kernel version in DPDK is 3.2, we cannot rely on functionality provided by the recent kernel versions.

It would be better if you modified the check at line 350 instead (or added a new check, specifically testing for whether BAR size is less than page size).


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