Hi Andy,

I comment here for all your patches (4 are pending).
They are your first patches for DPDK, welcome!
You may want to read the guides explaining how to contribute:

The title should be "raw/ifpga: fix memory leak in [area here]"

25/12/2018 15:02, AndyPei:
> When ifpga_rawdev_create() allocate memory for a new rawdev, the original code
> allocate redundant memory for adapter, which is a member of the rawdev.
> What is actually necessary is the adapter to be initialized, not memory 
> allocated.
> What is different in v3 from v2 is that the adapter is no longer need to be 
> freed.

The changelog is better located after --- below.

> fixes:ef1e8ede3da5
> cc: rosen...@intel.com
> cc: tianfei.zh...@intel.com

The format should be a bit different.
Please use git log -1 --abbrev=12 --format='Fixes: %h (\"%s\")%nCc: %ae'
and check with devtools/check-git-log.sh

> Signed-off-by: AndyPei <andy....@intel.com>

Should there be a space in your name as "Andy Pei"?

>  /**
> - * opae_adapter_data_alloc - alloc opae_adapter_data data structure
> + * opae_adapter_init - init opae_adapter data structure
> + * @adpdate: pointer of opae_adater data structure
> + * @name: adapter name.
> + * @data: private data of this adapter.

The doxygen format is @param param_name param_description.
It is also important to strictly match the name of the parameter.
@adpdate is a typo (should be @param adapter).

You can build the doc with "make doc-api-html"
and check the result in your browser.

> + *
> + * Return: 0 on success.
> + */
> +int opae_adapter_init(struct opae_adapter *adapter,
> +             const char *name, void *data)

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