On 1/15/2019 12:56 PM, Qi Zhang wrote:
> For ice family NICs, package processing pipe line can be configured in
> a package file should be downloaded into device by driver during init.
> The patch set add necessary share code APIs to support package download.
> Also some code clean is included.
> Though package download will not be enabled in 19.02 as plan, but we
> hope the share code part could be merged early.
> Meanwhile we will submit a seperate  RFC patch for package download for
> customer early evelutation.
> Qi Zhang (7):
>   net/ice/base: code clean
>   net/ice/base: add API to support resource allocate
>   net/ice/base: add package download related data structure
>   net/ice/base: add some help macros
>   net/ice/base: add flexible pipeline module
>   net/ice/base: add flow module
>   net/ice/base: free flow profile entries

Since there will be already a new version, can you also check the checkpatch
errors, there are a few reported.


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