Here are the meeting notes for the DPDK technical board meeting held on


- Bruce Richardson
- Ferruh Yigit
- Hemant Agrawal
- Jerin Jacob
- Olivier Matz
- Thomas Monjalon

1) New next-net tree co-maintainer

Andrew Rybchenko <arybche...@solarflare.com> is accepted as new
co-maintainer for next-net sub-tree.

2) DPDK API/ABI Stability

Good progresses and discussions.

Some points should be clarified before the userspace summit:

- Splitting DPDK into core, non-core and experimental libraries
- OS Packaging of DPDK
- UNH Testing of DPDK

3) Some examples are suggested to be removed in 19.11

Bruce to kick off the discussion on the ML.
(done: https://mails.dpdk.org/archives/dev/2019-July/138676.html )

4) Security process update

Request has been done to Trishan at last governing board that LF becomes
a CNA (CVE Numbering Authority).

Stephen (techboard representative at govboard) to pass the request via

5) Proposal for regexdev subsystem

RFC proposal from Jerin Jacob <jer...@marvell.com>:

Several vendors seems interested by this feature. Concerned people
are encouraged to reply to this thread.

6) SPDX licenses

Hemant + Bruce to check if we can achieve SPDX compliance for 19.11.

7) Next meeting

On 2019-07-31, Maxime will chair it.

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