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> From: Pavan Nikhilesh <pbhagavat...@marvell.com>
> This patchset adds a new application to demonstrate the usage of event
> mode. The poll mode is also available to help with the transition.
> The following new command line parameters are added:
>  --mode: Dictates the mode of operation either poll or event.
>  --eventq_sched: Dictates event scheduling mode ordered, atomic or
>                  parallel.
> Based on event device capability the configuration is done as follows:
>     - A single event device is enabled.
>     - The number of event ports is equal to the number of worker
>       cores enabled in the core mask. Additional event ports might
>       be configured based on Rx/Tx adapter capability.
>     - The number of event queues is equal to the number of ethernet
>       ports. If Tx adapter doesn't have internal port capability then
>       an additional single link event queue is used to enqueue events
>       to Tx adapter.
>     - Each event port is linked to all existing event queues.
>     - Dedicated Rx/Tx adapters for each Ethernet port.

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