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> > +Test Case : Speed Capabilities Test
> > +===================================
> > +
> > +1. Use testpmd to retrieve the speed information that the interface
> is linked at::
> > +
> > +      testpmd> show port info <PORT_ID>
> I'm afraid that testpmd don't show speed_capa value. It shows only
> link_speed value. to get speed_capa values you should write new
> ethtool-like application for dpdk interfaces.

That would probably need to be a secondary process, hooking up to the testpmd 
process used for testing. Not the simplest solution.

If testpmd is the primary tool used for testing PMDs, it should support all 
features being tested. In other words: Testpmd needs to be updated, so it also 
shows speed_capa.

I also considered ethtool, but it is only listed under Other Example 
Applications, and has no maintainers. So that does not seem to have a promising 

CC: testpmd Maintainers.

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