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From: Ferruh Yigit <ferruh.yi...@intel.com> 
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 10:31 PM
To: Hemant Agrawal <hemant.agra...@nxp.com>; dev@dpdk.org
Subject: Re: [PATCH 00/37] NXP DPAAx enhancements

On 5/27/2020 2:22 PM, Hemant Agrawal wrote:
> This patch-set mainly address following enhancements
> 1. Supporting the non-EAL thread based I/O processing 2. Reducing the 
> thread local storage 3. Adding support for HW FM library in DPAA, so 
> that additional queue, flow configuration can be done.
> 4. Adding Shared MAC or Virtual storage profile support 5. DPAA2 flow 
> support
> Gagandeep Singh (3):
>   net/dpaa2: enable timestamp for Rx offload case as well
>   bus/fslmc: combine thread specific variables
>   net/dpaa: enable Tx queue taildrop
> Hemant Agrawal (3):
>   bus/fslmc: support handle portal alloc failure
>   net/dpaa: add support for fmlib in dpdk
>   bus/dpaa: add Virtual Storage Profile port init
> Jun Yang (17):
>   net/dpaa: add VSP support in FMLIB
>   net/dpaa: add support for Virtual Storage Profile
>   net/dpaa: add fmc parser support for VSP
>   net/dpaa2: dynamic flow control support
>   net/dpaa2: key extracts of flow API
>   net/dpaa2: sanity check for flow extracts
>   net/dpaa2: free flow rule memory
>   net/dpaa2: flow QoS or FS table entry indexing
>   net/dpaa2: define the size of table entry
>   net/dpaa2: log of flow extracts and rules
>   net/dpaa2: discrimination between IPv4 and IPv6
>   net/dpaa2: distribution size set on multiple TCs
>   net/dpaa2: index of queue action for flow

Can you please follow DPDK convention in patch titles which starts with a verb 
and describes the motivation of the patch?
[Hemant] ok

>   net/dpaa2: flow data sanity check
>   net/dpaa2: flow API QoS setup follows FS setup
>   net/dpaa2: flow API FS miss action configuration
>   net/dpaa2: configure per class distribution size
> Nipun Gupta (7):
>   bus/fslmc: fix getting the FD error
>   net/dpaa: fix fd offset data type
>   bus/fslmc: rework portal allocation to a per thread basis
>   bus/fslmc: support portal migration
>   bus/fslmc: rename the cinh read functions used for ls1088
>   net/dpaa: update process specific device info
>   net/dpaa2: support raw flow classification
> Radu Bulie (1):
>   bus/dpaa: add shared MAC support
> Rohit Raj (3):
>   drivers: optimize thread local storage for dpaa
>   bus/dpaa: enable link state interrupt
>   bus/dpaa: enable set link status
> Sachin Saxena (3):
>   net/dpaa: add 2.5G support
>   net/dpaa: add support for fmcless mode
>   net/dpaa: add RSS update func with FMCless

Can you please document the changes in the release notes?
[Hemant] ok

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