Hi, Guys
  I am analyzing rte_flow_create API and test and is testing server parametric 
  When use testpmd and the following flow creat cmd:

  testpmd> flow create 0 ingress pattern end actions rss func simple_xor  / end

why the contents of rte_flow_action_rss is not same acquisition method after 
run the flowing codes.
struct rte_flow_action_rss conf;

rss_conf = action->conf;

the Value of unspecified parameter is not same acquisition method.

The rss_conf.type is default;
The rss_conf.key_len is deault;
The rss_conf.queue_num is deault;

However, the rss_conf.key is random and unpredictable

The result is that when the user does not specify the rss key, the driver will 
fill a random value into the hardware。
The rss key value found by the user is different from the first value, which 
results in the user not being able to use it correctly.
I think the reasonable behavior is that either the rss rule was not 
successfully created or the content of the rss key that was queried has not 

testpmd> show port 0 rss-hash key
RSS functions:
all ipv4-frag ipv4-other ipv6-frag ipv6-other ip
RSS key:
testpmd> flow create 0 ingress pattern eth / ipv4 / udp / end actions rss types 
ipv4-udp end queues end / end
Flow rule #0 created
testpmd> show port 0 rss-hash key
RSS functions:
all ipv4-udp udp
RSS key:

What do you think?

Lijun Ou

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