On 5/21/2024 3:35 PM, Ferruh Yigit wrote:
> On 5/21/2024 3:19 PM, Ferruh Yigit wrote:
>> On 5/21/2024 3:47 AM, Stephen Hemminger wrote:
>>> The support of doing RSS for rte_flow_action was a cool idea
>>> but it has been broken for several releases of DPDK as the
>>> underlying kernel and BPF infrastructure changed.
>>> This series cleans up the BPF program, implements several
>>> features that were never completed in the original code
>>> and changes to use the current BPF tool chain.
>>> The result should be easier to read and maintain. I do not
>>> intend to support backporting this to stable releases due
>>> to lack of demand and dealing with older distros.
>>> v13 - Incorporate review feedback.
>>>       Drop change to statistics and queue full handling;
>>>       these will get fixed in another series.
>>> Stephen Hemminger (11):
>>>   net/tap: fix fd check in flow_isolate
>>>   net/tap: do not duplicate fd's
>>>   net/tap: remove unused fields
>>>   net/tap: validate and setup parameters for BPF RSS
>>>   net/tap: do not build flow support if header is out of date
>>>   net/tap: rewrite the RSS BPF program
>>>   net/tap: use libbpf to load new BPF program
>>>   net/tap: remove no longer used files
>>>   net/tap: simplify internals
>>>   net/tap: remove extraneous newlines
>>>   net/tap: update documentation
>> Thanks Stephen for the update, I don't have any new comment, but there
>> are some outstanding questions on v12 9/12, can you please check them?
> Ah, I forgot that './devtools/check-meson.py' tool is complaining about
> some meson code.

Hi Patric,

I guess './devtools/check-meson.py' checks are missing in the CI, I
don't remember seeing any complain about it in the CI.

Is it possible to add this task to the CI task-list backlog?

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