Dear DPDK Dev .
This is PM from Advantech ENPD. We are working on Intel Amston Lake CPU's  
SGMII <> GPY215 PHY for DPDK test but fail.
We consulted with Intel support team and they suggested we should consult DPDK 
community and it should have the patch or code change for Amston Lake <> GYP215 
available for DPDK.
Could you kindly suggest us the direction of it?  I also keep my Engineering 
team in this mail loop for further discussion.

Thank you so much

The error message while we testing DPDK

SoC 2.5G LAN (BIOS  set to 1G) with dpdk 24.03.0. It can run testpmd test, and  
error message as follows :

root@fwa-1214-efi:~/dpdk/dpdk-24.03/build/app# ./dpdk-testpmd -c 0xf -n 1 -a 
00:1e.4 --socket-mem=2048,0 -- -i --mbcache=512 --numa --port-numa-config=0,0 
--socket-num=0 --coremask=0x2 --nb-cores=1 --rxq=1 --txq=1 --portmask=0x1 
--rxd=2048 --rxfreet=64 --rxpt=64 --rxht=8 --rxwt=0 --txd=2048 --txfreet=64 
--txpt=64 --txht=0 --txwt=0 --burst=64 --txrst=64 --rss-ip -a

EAL: Detected CPU lcores: 4

EAL: Detected NUMA nodes: 1

EAL: Detected static linkage of DPDK

EAL: Multi-process socket /var/run/dpdk/rte/mp_socket

EAL: Selected IOVA mode 'PA'

TELEMETRY: No legacy callbacks, legacy socket not created

testpmd: No probed ethernet devices

Interactive-mode selected

Fail: input rxq (1) can't be greater than max_rx_queues (0) of port 0

EAL: Error - exiting with code: 1

 Cause: rxq 1 invalid - must be >= 0 && <= 0

Thanks and Best Regards

Jack Chen
Tel: 886-2-2792-7818 Ext.1601
Advantech Co., Ltd.
Enterprise Networking Platform Division

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