2017-02-03 10:33, Remy Horton:
> This patchset extends statistics reporting to include peak and
> average data-rate metrics. It comes in two parts: a statistics
> reporting library, and a bitrate calculation library that uses
> it. This structure is intended to seperate statistic reporting
> from ethdev and allow more flexible metric registration.

Note that this series integrates a third part for latency metric.

> v10 changes:
> * Rebased
> * Relocated some config-related directives.
> * Removed incorrect capitalisations in API docs.
> * Formatting & detail corrections in release notes.
> * Moved around struct member descriptions.
> * Rewritten rte_metrics.h file description.
> * Rewritten description of RTE_METRICS_GLOBAL.
> * Used 'producers' and 'consumers' as terms.
> * Removed markup (bold text) in Doxygen tags.
> * Added programming guide section.

Thanks for adding the prog guide section. It helps.

I think there are three remaining questions:
- When the metrics computation are done? (in which thread?)
- May the few lines of computation code be done differently when tightly
integrated in an application logic?
- Could it be hosted in a separate repository on dpdk.org?

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