On 8/1/2017 10:12 PM, Jerin Jacob wrote:
I have had the application specify the name. so that it can call

struct rte_service_spec *rte_service_get_by_name(const char *name);

OK. I was thinking like there will be fixed name for the rx_adapter
service like "eth_rx_adapter_%d"(%d for adapter id) which be exposed in
It can help in removing cfg.service_name. I am fine with either way.

OK, I will use a fixed name.

eventdev PMD op api(not as adapter PMD as discussed earlier)

1) typedef uint64_t (*eventdev_rx_adap_capa)(struct rte_eventdev *dev,  uint8_t 

Return the adapter capability of a given eventdev when it needs to
connected to a specific ethdev_id

Doesn't the capability of a <eventdev, ethdev> also need to be made
available to the application as an adapter API ?

Yes. Make sense to expose as adapter API also.

Correcting myself, Isn't this really an eventdev API ? An adapter API would take an adapter id argument which is unnecessary in this case.


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