09/02/2018 17:21, Adrien Mazarguil:
> This section is titled "Limitations" but contains a mix of features,
> limitations and quirks, more like "Random thoughts regarding rte_flow
> support". I think this is not what users might expect from such a
> documentation which must be exhaustive and consistent. Getting there may
> involve tables.

+Cc Ferruh

> My suggestion is to first get everyone agree on a common rte_flow
> capabilities documentation format all PMDs could reuse and then fill in the
> blanks. What's your opinion?

I think it's better to have some random thoughts than nothing.
All the comments you gave in this thread deserve to be written in
the documentation as soon as possible.
Working on a better standardized documentation (longer term) should
not prevent us to write some messy notes in the meantime.

Is there already some similar rte_flow notes in other PMD docs?

About the common documentation, do you think about a generated table
like it is done for other features?
Do you plan to provide a template or an example?

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