The title should be "add CRC stripping capability".

12/02/2018 15:43, Ophir Munk:
> CRC stripping is executed outside of TAP PMD scope. There is no
> prevention that TAP reports on Rx CRC stripping capability.

We could mention that the CRC stripping is done in the kernel.

> It is especially required when TAP is operating as failsafe sub-device
> with another PCI sub-device which supports CRC stripping.
> In the corrupted code TAP did not report on this capability which
> caused failsafe to not report on it as well.

You discover the bug with failsafe but it is not related at all.
I think you squeeze this part of the explanation.

> The fix is for TAP to report that Rx CRC stripping is supported.
> Fixes: 95ae196ae10b ("net/tap: use new Rx offloads API")

I don't think it is a root cause.
This capability is missing from day one:
Fixes: 02f96a0a82d1 ("net/tap: add TUN/TAP device PMD")

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> Signed-off-by: Ophir Munk <>

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