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To: Neil Horman <nhor...@tuxdriver.com>; Mcnamara, John 
<john.mcnam...@intel.com>; Kovacevic, Marko
Cc: dev@dpdk.org; Yigit, Ferruh <ferruh.yi...@intel.com>; Ananyev, Konstantin 
<konstantin.anan...@intel.com>; Stephen Hemminger
<step...@networkplumber.org>; Richardson, Bruce <bruce.richard...@intel.com>; Thomas 
Monjalon <tho...@monjalon.net>
Subject: [PATCH v2] doc: update ethdev APIs to return named opaque type

Ethdev APIs to add callback return the callback object as "void *",
update return type to actual object type
"struct rte_eth_rxtx_callback *"

Signed-off-by: Ferruh Yigit <ferruh.yi...@intel.com>
Cc: Konstantin Ananyev <konstantin.anan...@intel.com>
Cc: Stephen Hemminger <step...@networkplumber.org>
Cc: Bruce Richardson <bruce.richard...@intel.com>
Cc: Thomas Monjalon <tho...@monjalon.net>
  doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst | 7 +++++++
  1 file changed, 7 insertions(+)

diff --git a/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst 
index bbd9456a7..5cb5a00d2 100644
--- a/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst
+++ b/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst
@@ -49,6 +49,13 @@ Deprecation Notices
    rte_eth_dev_get_sec_ctx() is using uint8_t for port_id, which should be

+* ethdev: functions add rx/tx callback will return named opaque type
+  rte_eth_add_rx_callback(), rte_eth_add_first_rx_callback() and
+  rte_eth_add_tx_callback() functions currently return callback object as
+  "void \*" but APIs to delete callbacks get "struct rte_eth_rxtx_callback \*"
+  as parameter. For consistency functions adding callback will return
+  "struct rte_eth_rxtx_callback \*" instead of "void * ".
  * i40e: The default flexible payload configuration which extracts the first 16
    bytes of the payload for RSS will be deprecated starting from 18.02. If
    required the previous behavior can be configured using existing flow

Acked-by: Konstantin Ananyev <konstantin.anan...@intel.com>

Acked-by: Jerin Jacob <jerin.ja...@caviumnetworks.com>

Acked-by: Hemant Agrawal <hemant.agra...@nxp.com>

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