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Hi Anatoly,
AVP is a virtual NIC type, so you are right.

When using the AVP device, you will see the following information from lspci 
Slot:       0000:00:05.0
Class:      Unclassified device [00ff]
Vendor:   Red Hat, Inc [1af4]
Device:    Virtio memory balloon [1002]
SVendor:          Red Hat, Inc [1af4]
SDevice:           Device [0005]
PhySlot:            5
Driver:    virtio-pci

It is a little different with the standard "Ethernet" controller, such as "Class:  
Ethernet controller [0200]".
Theoretically, the AVP is a memory based device. That's the reason, I put it as 
separate catalog.

OK, fair enough. Is there any way we can make this category not-WindRiver AVP specific? Are there other similar devices out there that could potentially fit into this category?

Xiaohua Zhang

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Is there any particular reason why this device appears in its own category, 
rather than being added to one of the existing device classes?
I'm not familiar with AVP but it looks like it's a NIC, so shouldn't it be in 
network_devices category?



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