I am working with Arkady on VLAN steering. I have few questions regarding it on 
top of what was asked before. "VEB/VEPA Switching Algorithm" states that filtering happens by 
MAC+VLAN. It is impossible to perform filtering by VLAN only, as I understand 
it is HW limitation.

XL710 has something called " S-comp Forwarding Algorithm" which looks 
like exactly what we want. It does forwarding of packets to specific VSI based 
on S-tag.
S-tag is a part of " Add VSI (0x0210)" command. I guess we can 
configure several VSIs for expected S-tags.
Do you know anything about this algorithm?

As I understood "port virtualizer" ( "Cascaded VEB and port 
virtualizers") supposed to be configured to use this switching algorithm.
In i40e driver (kernel or DPDK) I do not see anything related to configuration 
of "port virtualizers", except "i40e_aq_add_pvirt" function which is not used 
Is it possible to configure "port virtualizer" with existing i40e driver?

Another question is about "i40e_aq_set_vsi_uc_promisc_on_vlan" function in i40e 
driver ( "Set VSI Promiscuous Modes"). It enables promiscuous mode 
for unicast packets with specific VLAN, so all packets with that VLAN will be 
replicated to configured VSI. In XL710 datasheet I`ve found that it works only 
in "Cloud VEB algorithm" ( Can we somehow enable this algorithm with 
existing i40e drivers?


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