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Subject: RE: [RFC v2, 2/2] eventdev: add crypto adapter API header

Hi Jerin,

Hi Abhinandan,

Thanks for the review. Please find few comments inline.

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Subject: Re: [RFC v2, 2/2] eventdev: add crypto adapter API header

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Subject: [RFC v2, 2/2] eventdev: add crypto adapter API header
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+ * This adapter adds support to enqueue crypto completions to event device.
+ * The packet flow from cryptodev to the event device can be
+ * using both SW and HW based transfer mechanisms.
+ * The adapter uses a EAL service core function for SW based packet
+ * and uses the eventdev PMD functions to configure HW based packet
+ * between the cryptodev and the event device.
+ *
+ * In the case of SW based transfers, application can choose to
+submit a

I think, we can remove "In the case of SW based transfers" as it should be
applicable for HW case too
Ok. In that case, adapter will detect the presence of HW connection between
cryptodev & eventdev and will not dequeue crypto completions.

I would say presence of "specific capability" instead of HW.

+ * crypto operation directly to cryptodev or send it  to the
+ cryptodev
+ * adapter via eventdev, the cryptodev adapter then submits the
+ crypto
+ * operation to the crypto device. The first mode is known as the

The first mode (DEQ) is very clear. In the second mode(ENQ_DEQ),
- How does "worker" submits the crypto work through crypto-adapter?
If I understand it correctly, "workers" always deals with only cryptodev's
rte_cryptodev_enqueue_burst() API and "service" function in crypto adapter
would be responsible for dequeue() from cryptodev and enqueue to eventdev?

I understand the need for OP_NEW vs OP_FWD mode difference in both modes.
Other than that, What makes ENQ_DEQ different? Could you share the flow for
ENQ_DEQ mode with APIs.

Application changes for ENQ_DEQ mode:
        /* In ENQ_DEQ mode, to enqueue to adapter app
         * has to fill out following details.
        struct rte_event_crypto_request *req;
        struct rte_crypto_op *op = rte_crypto_op_alloc();
        /* fill request info */
        req = (void *)((char *)op + op.private_data_offset);
        req->cdev_id = 1;
        req->queue_pair_id = 1;

        /* fill response info */

        /* send event to crypto adapter */
        ev->event_ptr = op;
        ev->queue_id = dst_event_qid;
        ev->priority = dst_priority;
        ev->sched_type = dst_sched_type;
        ev->event_type = RTE_EVENT_TYPE_CRYPTODEV;
        ev->sub_event_type = sub_event_type;
        ev->flow_id = dst_flow_id;
        ret = rte_event_enqueue_burst(event_dev_id, event_port_id, ev, 1);

Adapter in ENQ_DEQ mode, submitting crypto ops to cryptodev:
        n = rte_event_dequeue_burst(event_dev_id, event_port_id, ev, 
BATCH_SIZE, time_out);
        struct rte_crypto_op *op = ev->event_ptr;
        struct rte_event_crypto_request *req = (void *)op + 
        cdev_id = req->cdev_id;
        qp_id = req->queue_pair_id

        ret = rte_cryptodev_enqueue_burst(cdev_id, qp_id, op, 1);

This mode wont work for the HW implementations that I know. As in HW
implementations, The Adapter is embedded in HW.
The DEQ mode works. But, This would call for to have two separate application 
logic for
DEQ and ENQ_DEQ mode.
I think, it is unavoidable as SW scheme has better performance with ENQ_DEQ 

If you think, there is no option other than introducing a capability in
adapter then please create capability in Rx adapter to inform the
adapter capability to the application.

Do we think, it possible to have scheme with ENQ_DEQ mode, Where
application still enqueue to cryptodev like DEQ mode but using
cryptodev. ie. Adapter patches the cryptodev dev->enqueue_burst() to
"eventdev enqueue burst" followed by "exiting dev->enqueue_burst".
Something like exiting ethdev rx_burst callback scheme.
This will enable application to have unified flow IMO.

Any thoughts from NXP folks?
I would be replying on this on Monday.


+ * dequeue only (DEQ) mode  and the second as the enqueue - dequeue

extra space between "mode" and "and"

+ * (ENQ_DEQ) mode. The choice of mode can be specified when creating
+ * the adapter.
+ * In the latter choice, the cryptodev adapter is able to use
+ * RTE_OP_FORWARD as the event dev enqueue type, this has a
+ performance
+ * advantage in "closed system" eventdevs like the eventdev SW PMD
+ and

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