Anywhere do we track its kernel and GCC compatibility esp for KNI, vfio/uio ?. If not, it would be good to document for supported kernel versions I think.

I see below compilation error for a kernel *3.10.0-693.1.1.el7.ppc64le (RHEL 7.4)*:
ppc_64-power8-linuxapp-gcc/build/lib/librte_eal/linuxapp/kni/igb_main.c: In function ‘igb_ndo_bridge_getlink’:
 error: too few arguments to function ‘ndo_dflt_bridge_getlink’
  return ndo_dflt_bridge_getlink(skb, pid, seq, dev, mode, 0, 0, nlflags);

And, below compilation error with *GCC 7.2.0*:

lib/librte_eal/linuxapp/eal/eal_vfio.c:147:7: error: this statement may fall through [-Werror=implicit-fallthrough=]
    if (vfio_group_fd > 0) {
lib/librte_eal/linuxapp/eal/eal_vfio.c:152:3: note: here
lib/librte_eal/common/eal_common_tailqs.c:114:48: error: ‘__builtin_snprintf’ output may be truncated before the last format character [-Werror=format-truncation=]
   snprintf(head->name, sizeof(head->name) - 1, "%s", name);
In file included from /usr/include/stdio.h:862:0,
                 from lib/librte_eal/common/eal_common_tailqs.c:37:
/usr/include/powerpc64le-linux-gnu/bits/stdio2.h:64:10: note: ‘__builtin_snprintf’ output between 1 and 32 bytes into a destination of size 31
   return __builtin___snprintf_chk (__s, __n, __USE_FORTIFY_LEVEL - 1,
        __bos (__s), __fmt, __va_arg_pack ());


On Monday 26 February 2018 05:04 PM, Luca Boccassi wrote:
Hi all,

Here is a list of patches targeted for LTS release 16.11.5. Please
help review and test. The planned date for the final release is March
the 5th, pending results from regression tests.
Before that, please shout if anyone has objections with these
patches being applied.

These patches are located at branch 16.11 of dpdk-stable repo:


Luca Boccassi

Ajit Khaparde (6):
       net/bnxt: support new PCI IDs
       net/bnxt: parse checksum offload flags
       net/bnxt: fix group info usage
       net/bnxt: fix broadcast cofiguration
       net/bnxt: fix size of Tx ring in HW
       net/bnxt: fix link speed setting with autoneg off

Akhil Goyal (1):
       examples/ipsec-secgw: fix corner case for SPI value

Alejandro Lucero (3):
       net/nfp: fix MTU settings
       net/nfp: fix jumbo settings
       net/nfp: fix CRC strip check behaviour

Anatoly Burakov (14):
       memzone: fix leak on allocation error
       malloc: protect stats with lock
       malloc: fix end for bounded elements
       vfio: fix enabled check on error
       app/procinfo: add compilation option in config
       test: register test as failed if setup failed
       test/table: fix uninitialized parameter
       test/memzone: fix wrong test
       test/memzone: handle previously allocated memzones
       usertools/devbind: remove unused function
       test/reorder: fix memory leak
       test/ring_perf: fix memory leak
       test/table: fix memory leak
       test/timer_perf: fix memory leak

Andriy Berestovskyy (1):
       keepalive: fix state alignment

Bao-Long Tran (1):
       examples/ip_pipeline: fix timer period unit

Beilei Xing (8):
       net/i40e: fix flow director Rx resource defect
       net/i40e: add warnings when writing global registers
       net/i40e: add debug logs when writing global registers
       net/i40e: fix multiple driver support issue
       net/i40e: fix interrupt conflict when using multi-driver
       net/i40e: fix Rx interrupt
       net/i40e: check multi-driver option parsing
       app/testpmd: fix flow director filter

Chas Williams (1):
       net/bonding: fix setting slave MAC addresses

David Harton (1):
       net/i40e: fix VF reset stats crash

Didier Pallard (1):
       net/virtio: fix incorrect cast

Dustin Lundquist (1):
       examples/exception_path: align stats on cache line

Erez Ferber (1):
       net/mlx5: fix MTU update

Ferruh Yigit (1):
       kni: fix build with kernel 4.15

Fiona Trahe (1):
       crypto/qat: fix null auth algo overwrite

Gowrishankar Muthukrishnan (2):
       eal/ppc: remove the braces in memory barrier macros
       eal/ppc: support sPAPR IOMMU for vfio-pci

Harish Patil (2):
       net/qede: fix to reject config with no Rx queue
       net/qede/base: fix VF LRO tunnel configuration

Hemant Agrawal (4):
       pmdinfogen: fix cross compilation for ARM big endian
       lpm: fix ARM big endian build
       net/i40e: fix ARM big endian build
       net/ixgbe: fix ARM big endian build

Hyong Youb Kim (1):
       net/enic: fix crash due to static max number of queues

Igor Ryzhov (1):
       net/i40e: fix flag for MAC address write

Ilya V. Matveychikov (2):
       eal: update assertion macro
       mbuf: cleanup function to get last segment

Jerin Jacob (3):
       net/thunderx: fix multi segment Tx function return
       test/crypto: fix missing include
       ethdev: fix data alignment

Jerry Lilijun (1):
       net/bonding: fix activated slave in 8023ad mode

Jianfeng Tan (3):
       vhost: fix crash
       net/vhost: fix log messages on create/destroy
       net/virtio-user: fix start with kernel vhost

Junjie Chen (3):
       vhost: fix dequeue zero copy with virtio1
       examples/vhost: fix sending ARP packet to self
       vhost: fix mbuf free

Kefu Chai (1):
       contigmem: fix build on FreeBSD 12

Konstantin Ananyev (1):
       eal/x86: use lock-prefixed instructions for SMP barrier

Liang-Min Larry Wang (1):
       net/ixgbe: improve link state check on VF

Marko Kovacevic (2):
       mk: support renamed Makefile in external project
       mk: fix external build

Markus Theil (2):
       igb_uio: fix IRQ disable on recent kernels
       igb_uio: fix MSI-X IRQ assignment with new IRQ function

Matan Azrad (2):
       app/testpmd: fix port index in RSS forward config
       app/testpmd: fix port topology in RSS forward config

Matej Vido (1):
       net/szedata2: fix check of mmap return value

Maxime Coquelin (1):
       net/virtio: fix resuming port with Rx vector path

Michael McConville (1):
       mem: fix mmap error check on huge page attach

Nicolas Dichtel (1):
       igb_uio: switch to new irq function for MSI-X

Nikhil Agarwal (2):
       examples/l3fwd-power: fix Rx without interrupt
       examples/l3fwd-power: fix frequency detection

Olivier Matz (11):
       ethdev: fix missing imissed counter in xstats
       net/i40e: fix VSI MAC filter on primary address change
       vhost: fix error code check when creating thread
       pdump: fix error check when creating/canceling thread
       mbuf: fix NULL freeing when debug enabled
       net/virtio: fix queue flushing with vector Rx enabled
       net/virtio: fix memory leak when reinitializing device
       net/virtio: fix typo in function name
       net/bnxt: fix Rx checksum flags
       net/bnxt: fix headroom initialization
       net/virtio: fix mbuf data offset for simple Rx

Pablo de Lara (3):
       ethdev: fix typo in functions comment
       test/pmd_perf: declare variables as static
       doc: fix outdated link to IPsec white paper

Phil Yang (2):
       test/memzone: fix NULL freeing
       test/memzone: fix freeing test

Qi Zhang (6):
       net/i40e: fix VLAN offload setting
       net/i40e/base: fix NVM lock
       net/i40e/base: fix link LED blink
       net/i40e/base: fix compile issue for GCC 6.3
       net/ixgbe: fix mailbox interrupt handler
       net/e1000: fix mailbox interrupt handler

Qiming Yang (1):
       net/ixgbe/base: add media type of fixed fiber

Radu Nicolau (2):
       examples/bond: check mbuf allocation
       net/bonding: check error of MAC address setting

Rafal Kozik (1):
       net/ena: do not set Tx L4 offloads in Rx path

Rasesh Mody (3):
       net/qede: fix few log messages
       net/qede: fix MTU set and max Rx pkt len usage
       net/qede: fix clearing of queue stats

Samuel Gauthier (1):
       net/virtio: fix Rx and Tx handler selection for ARM32

Shahaf Shuler (1):
       net/mlx5: fix missing RSS capability

Thomas Monjalon (1):
       ethdev: fix link autonegotiation value

Tiwei Bie (1):
       net/virtio: fix vector Rx flushing

Vipin Varghese (1):
       net/pcap: fix the NUMA id display in logs

Wei Zhao (1):
       net/ixgbe: fix reset error handling

Wenzhuo Lu (3):
       net/i40e: fix VF Rx interrupt enabling
       net/ixgbe: fix VF Rx interrupt enabling
       net/e1000: fix VF Rx interrupt enabling

Xiao Wang (1):
       net/fm10k: fix logical port delete

Yangchao Zhou (1):
       net/igb: fix Tx queue number assignment

Yanglong Wu (2):
       net/ixgbe: fix the failure of number of Tx queue check
       net/ixgbe: fix max queue number for VF

Yong Wang (1):
       crypto/qat: fix allocation check and leak

Yongseok Koh (2):
       app/testpmd: fix crash of txonly with multiple segments
       net/mlx5: fix deadlock of link status alarm

Zhiyong Yang (2):
       bus/pci: fix interrupt handler type
       examples/vhost: fix startup check

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