The O stands for "Optimized", we will make the necessary changes to remove 


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On 2/9/2018 12:08 AM, Rosen, Rami wrote:
> Hi all,
> Following the recent announcement of DPDK 18.02-RC4, I went over
> 18.02 release notes and I have this minor query which I am not sure about:
> In the release notes:
> we have the following:
> ...
> The OPDL (Ordered Packet Distribution Library) eventdev ...
> While in
> We have:
> ....
> eventdev optimized packet distribution library (OPDL) driver ...
> So I am not sure about this inconsistency -should it be "optimized" or 
> "ordered" ?

According driver documentation (doc/guides/eventdevs/opdl.rst) it is:
"Ordered Packet Distribution Library", release notes seems correct.

cc'ed maintainers.

> Regards,
> Rami Rosen

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