On Fri, Mar 09, 2018 at 11:38:59PM +0800, Rosen Xu wrote:
> With Partial Reconfigure(PR) parts of Bitstream, Field Programmable Gate 
> Array(FPGA) not only provides one kinds of accelerator but also provides many 
> types of accelerators at the same time.
> How DPDK fully support FPGA?
>  - We use Rawdev to provide FPGA PR
>  - DPDK Driver will not bind to PCI Device it will bind to FPGA 
> Partial-Bitstream(AFU,Accelerated Function Unit)
>  - For the new Device scan, driver probe, we involve Intel FPGA Bus Module
> This patchset is base on v18.02.
Please always base patches on the latest head of the tree you are
targetting. The patches won't be applied on top of the release, but on top
of the tree!


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