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> Subject: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH 0/6] enable easier app compilation testing with
> meson
> Summary:
>       With this set you can test building all applicable examples by
>       calling meson with "-Dexamples=all"
> When building DPDK with meson, it's possible to specify a list of sample
> apps to have built along with the main code. However, specifying a full
> list of all apps can be unwieldy, so this set adds support for passing
> "all" as the examples to be built.
> With "all", meson just adds all subdirectories of "examples" to the build,
> so the first few patches are ensuring that we don't get an error by
> attempting to build an unsupported application. On linux, only 7 apps were
> unsupported, in that they had not been given a meson.build file. On
> FreeBSD, a few others had to have their meson.build files updated to report
> them as unsupported.
> In terms of behaviour, the meson.build file for each app will report if the
> app can be built or not. If "all" is requested, then a message is printed
> and the meson run can continue. If, however, the app is requested by name,
> then an error is reported and the meson run halts.
> The final two patches in the series are more cleanup, the former improves
> error reporting, while the last patch is a performance improvement. Meson
> runs quickly enough in the normal case, but with a full set of examples,
> the dependency chain resolution can slow things down. Reducing the lists of
> dependencies makes a noticable difference in this case. [NOTE: this
> slowness and speedup only applies to the meson run; the actual build using
> ninja is as fast as ever!]
> Bruce Richardson (6):
>   examples: add empty meson files for unsupported examples
>   examples/l2fwd-cat: make build dependent on pqos library
>   examples: disable unsupported examples on BSD
>   examples: allow building all examples as part of meson build
>   examples: improve error report for missing meson deps
>   drivers/dpaa*: reduce meson dependency lists

Working fine for me here!

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