On 18-04-06 02:31 PM, Ferruh Yigit wrote:
On 4/6/2018 7:10 PM, Scott Branden wrote:
Hi Ferruh,

Somehow I did not receive your other email so Ajit fowarded it to me.  So I am
responding to it here.

Sorry for the previous confusion:  RTE_KERNELDIR_OUT specifies the location of
the output of the kernel artifacts, not the output of the DPDK build artifacts.
Ahh, this makes more sense now J Thanks.

Here is an example to use RTE_KERNELDIR_OUT:

export ARCH=arm64
export CROSS_COMPILE=~/gcc-linaro-aarch64-linux-gnu/bin/aarch64-linux-gnu-
export CROSS=aarch64-linux-gnu-

export RTE_KERNELDIR_OUT=~/test/linux-out
export RTE_KERNELDIR=~/test/linux
make defconfig O=$RTE_KERNELDIR_OUT

cd ~/test/dpdk
make config T=arm64-stingray-linuxapp-gcc
I guess using "~/test/linux-out" as RTE_KERNELDIR also works (because of
"source" link), but your patch looks more proper way.
Actually, you may be correct.
Perhaps all this requires is a documentation change.
Does any of DPDK build system actually require to know where the kernel source directory is? Or, does DPDK only require to know where the kernel artifacts exist (ie. generated headers)

Looking at the documentation it is a little confusing.  Each one describes something different.
99:    the ``RTE_KERNELDIR`` environment variable should be used to point the compilation at a copy of the kernel version to be used on the target machine.

297:*   RTE_KERNELDIR: This variable contains the absolute path to the kernel sources that will be used to compile the kernel modules.

24:    RTE_KERNELDIR    linux headers path

In guides/prog_guide/dev_kit_build_system.rst.  If "kernel sources" was changed to "linux headers" my change may not be needed.  I'm doing some more testing now with RTE_KERNELDIR set to linux-out in other DPDK builds.

There are a few documents for build parameters, can you please update them too:
doc/guides/linux_gsg/build_dpdk.rst <-- not sure about this one, please check
doc/build-sdk-quick.txt  <-- this is "make help" output


With this example you will likely hit a few compile errors as latest dpdk has
compile bugs with unused variables/type mismatches in the code.
I didn't get the error, if you observe build error please report or better a
patch to fix is always welcome :)
Yes - we have patches being created for 64-bit build warnings/errors that we will submit.



On 18-04-05 11:58 AM, Ajit Khaparde wrote:
Scott, are you looking at this?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: *Ferruh Yigit* <ferruh.yi...@intel.com <mailto:ferruh.yi...@intel.com>>
Date: Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 7:18 AM
Subject: Re: [PATCH 3/4] mk: allow kernel artifacts to be located in output
To: Scott Branden <scott.bran...@broadcom.com
<mailto:scott.bran...@broadcom.com>>, Ajit Khaparde
<ajit.khapa...@broadcom.com <mailto:ajit.khapa...@broadcom.com>>, dev@dpdk.org

On 3/30/2018 7:23 PM, Scott Branden wrote:
Hi Ferruh,

On 18-03-30 03:35 AM, Ferruh Yigit wrote:
On 3/21/2018 6:06 PM, Ajit Khaparde wrote:
From: Scott Branden <scott.bran...@broadcom.com
Allow kernel artifacts to be located in output directory specific
How to use this variable, I tried following but kernel modules are still in
export RTE_KERNELDIR and RTE_KERNELDIR_OUT and it works fine.
RTE_KERNELDIR already exists in Makefile.  Are you able to override it?
Please help me a little more, can you please list your commands?

Before your patch, what I do:

export RTE_KERNELDIR=~/development/linux/linux
make defconfig
make    <--- After this kernel modules in ./build/kmod/*.ko
make DESTDIR=/tmp/for-scott install

kernel modules are installed into /tmp/for-scott/lib/modules/`uname

Here `uname -r` is wrong but your patch is not related this.

I am using RTE_KERNELDIR a lot since I am compiling with various kernel
versions, not seen .ko files goes into source folder, what is your command line?

Or _after_ your patch:
export RTE_KERNELDIR=~/development/linux/linux
export RTE_KERNELDIR_OUT=/tmp/kmod
make defconfig
make    <--- After this kernel modules in ./build/kmod/*.ko

Getting following build error:
/bin/sh: scripts/mod/modpost: No such file or directory
make[7]: *** [.../development/linux/linux/scripts/Makefile.modpost:92:
__modpost] Error 127
make[6]: *** [.../development/linux/linux/Makefile:1558: modules] Error 2
make[5]: *** [Makefile:146: sub-make] Error 2
make[4]: *** [../mk/rte.module.mk:54 <http://rte.module.mk:54>: igb_uio.ko]
Error 2

Can you please describe how this variable intended to be used?

- make RTE_KERNELDIR_OUT=/tmp/kmod O=ferruh DESTDIR=/tmp/ferruh
- make RTE_KERNELDIR_OUT=/tmp/kmod O=ferruh DESTDIR=/tmp/ferruh install
- make RTE_KERNELDIR_OUT=/tmp/kmod O=ferruh DESTDIR=/tmp/ferruh modules_install

/tmp/kmod not created.

And what we are fixing here, what was wrong with old code?
Old code puts the intermediate object files in the kernel source
directory.  This doesn't work when building an external module in
openembedded recipes.  We need the Makefile change to be able to able to
specify the kernel and output directories separately.
If RTE_KERNELDIR_OUT not specified than
source directory RTE_KERNEL is used.
${RTE_KERNELDIR} is used as external Linux kernel source folder, why we are
to put artifacts into kernel source?
I just kept the default behaviour the same as what it does today.
Signed-off-by: Scott Branden <scott.bran...@broadcom.com
Signed-off-by: Ajit Khaparde <ajit.khapa...@broadcom.com
    mk/rte.module.mk <http://rte.module.mk> | 9 ++++++---
    1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/mk/rte.module.mk <http://rte.module.mk> b/mk/rte.module.mk
index 1ada528a0..e2e1af716 100644
--- a/mk/rte.module.mk <http://rte.module.mk>
+++ b/mk/rte.module.mk <http://rte.module.mk>
@@ -39,6 +39,9 @@ _postinstall: build
    .PHONY: build
    build: _postbuild

+# Allow kernel artifacts to be located in a different location that source
    # Link all sources in build directory
    %_link: FORCE
      $(if $(call compare,$(notdir $*),$*),\
@@ -48,7 +51,7 @@ build: _postbuild
    # build module
    $(MODULE).ko: $(SRCS_LINKS)
      @if [ ! -f $(notdir Makefile) ]; then ln -nfs $(SRCDIR)/Makefile . ; fi
              CC="$(KERNELCC)" CROSS_COMPILE=$(CROSS) V=$(if $V,1,0)

    # install module in $(RTE_OUTPUT)/kmod
@@ -59,7 +62,7 @@ $(RTE_OUTPUT)/kmod/$(MODULE).ko: $(MODULE).ko

    # install module

    .PHONY: clean
@@ -69,7 +72,7 @@ clean: _postclean
    .PHONY: doclean
      @if [ ! -f $(notdir Makefile) ]; then ln -nfs $(SRCDIR)/Makefile . ; fi
      @$(foreach FILE,$(SRCS-y) $(SRCS-n) $(SRCS-),\
              if [ -h $(notdir $(FILE)) ]; then rm -f $(notdir $(FILE)) ; fi ;)
      @if [ -h $(notdir Makefile) ]; then rm -f $(notdir Makefile) ; fi


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