09/04/2018 14:06, Jasvinder Singh:
> IP_Pipeline app is not supported in FreeBSD environment. Therefore,
> skip it while building the sample apps on FreeBSD.
> Fixes: 4bbf8e30aa5e ("examples/ip_pipeline: add CLI interface")
> Fixes: 2f74ae28e23f ("examples/ip_pipeline: add tap object")
> Signed-off-by: Jasvinder Singh <jasvinder.si...@intel.com>
> ---
> --- a/examples/ip_pipeline/Makefile
> +++ b/examples/ip_pipeline/Makefile
> +ifneq ($(CONFIG_RTE_EXEC_ENV),"linuxapp")
> +$(error This application can only operate in a linuxapp environment, \
> +please change the definition of the RTE_TARGET environment variable)
> +endif

It is not skipping the example, just throwing an error (which is needed).

You should add a test in examples/Makefile to really skip it.

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