On 4/5/2018 7:06 PM, Xiao Wang wrote:
> This patch set has dependency on http://dpdk.org/dev/patchwork/patch/36772/
> (vhost: support selective datapath).
> IFCVF driver
> ============
> The IFCVF vDPA (vhost data path acceleration) driver provides support for the
> Intel FPGA 100G VF (IFCVF). IFCVF's datapath is virtio ring compatible, it
> works as a HW vhost backend which can send/receive packets to/from virtio
> directly by DMA. Besides, it supports dirty page logging and device state
> report/restore. This driver enables its vDPA functionality with live migration
> feature.
> vDPA mode
> =========
> IFCVF's vendor ID and device ID are same as that of virtio net pci device,
> with its specific subsystem vendor ID and device ID. To let the device be
> probed by IFCVF driver, adding "vdpa=1" parameter helps to specify that this
> device is to be used in vDPA mode, rather than polling mode, virtio pmd will
> skip when it detects this message.
> Container per device
> ====================
> vDPA needs to create different containers for different devices, thus this
> patch set adds some APIs in eal/vfio to support multiple container, e.g.
> - rte_vfio_create_container
> - rte_vfio_destroy_container
> - rte_vfio_bind_group
> - rte_vfio_unbind_group
> By this extension, a device can be put into a new specific container, rather
> than the previous default container.
> IFCVF vDPA details
> ==================
> Key vDPA driver ops implemented:
> - ifcvf_dev_config:
>   Enable VF data path with virtio information provided by vhost lib, including
>   IOMMU programming to enable VF DMA to VM's memory, VFIO interrupt setup to
>   route HW interrupt to virtio driver, create notify relay thread to translate
>   virtio driver's kick to a MMIO write onto HW, HW queues configuration.
>   This function gets called to set up HW data path backend when virtio driver
>   in VM gets ready.
> - ifcvf_dev_close:
>   Revoke all the setup in ifcvf_dev_config.
>   This function gets called when virtio driver stops device in VM.
> Change log
> ==========
> v5:
> - Fix compilation in BSD, remove the rte_vfio.h including in BSD.
> v4:
> - Rebase on Zhihong's latest vDPA lib patch, with vDPA ops names change.
> - Remove API "rte_vfio_get_group_fd", "rte_vfio_bind_group" will return the 
> fd.
> - Align the vfio_cfg search internal APIs naming.
> v3:
> - Add doc and release note for the new driver.
> - Remove the vdev concept, make the driver as a PCI driver, it will get probed
>   by PCI bus driver.
> - Rebase on the v4 vDPA lib patch, register a vDPA device instead of a engine.
> - Remove the PCI API exposure accordingly.
> - Move the MAX_VFIO_CONTAINERS definition to config file.
> - Let virtio pmd skips when a virtio device needs to work in vDPA mode.
> v2:
> - Rename function pci_get_kernel_driver_by_path to rte_pci_device_kdriver_name
>   to make the API generic cross Linux and BSD, make it as EXPERIMENTAL.
> - Rebase on Zhihong's vDPA v3 patch set.
> - Minor code cleanup on vfio extension.
> Xiao Wang (4):
>   eal/vfio: add multiple container support
>   net/virtio: skip device probe in vdpa mode
>   net/ifcvf: add ifcvf vdpa driver
>   doc: add ifcvf driver document and release note

Hi Xiao,

Current patch doesn't apply cleanly after latest updates, can you please rebase
it onto latest next-net, also there are a few minor comments I put into
individual patches can you please check them?

After above changes done, please add for series:
Reviewed-by: Ferruh Yigit <ferruh.yi...@intel.com>

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