Anyone to review, please?

02/04/2018 20:24, Aaron Conole:
> Rather than attempting to load the contents of the auxv directly,
> prefer to use an exposed API - and if that doesn't exist then attempt
> to load the vector.  This is because on some systems, when a user
> is downgraded, the /proc/self/auxv file retains the old ownership
> and permissions.  The original method of /proc/self/auxv is retained.
> This also removes a potential abort() in the code when compiled with
> NDEBUG.  A quick parse of the code shows that many (if not all) of
> the CPU flag parsing isn't used internally, so it should be okay.
> Signed-off-by: Aaron Conole <>
> Signed-off-by: Timothy Redaelli <>

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