I  want to use DPDK's rte_hash library to keep track of tcp flows. The
lookups will be done by multiple threads but inserts will be done only
on one thread.

As per the documentation rte_hash library has thread safe lookups. Key
/data inserts should be done on single thread, since those operations
are not thread safe. Is this documentation still correct?

The lookup code compares the key and returns the data if the key
matches, this doesn't look like thread safe. Am I missing something?

_rte_hash_lookup_with_hash(const struct rte_hash *h, const void *key,

                                        hash_sig_t sig, void **data)



                        if (rte_hash_cmp_eq(key, k->key, h) == 0) {

                                if (data != NULL)

                                        *data = k->pdata;



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