Hi Jinafeng,

05/04/2018 19:44, Jianfeng Tan:
> As we know, we have below limitations in vdev:
>   - dpdk-procinfo cannot get the stats of (most) vdev in primary process;
>   - dpdk-pdump cannot dump the packets for (most) vdev in primary proces;
>   - secondary process cannot use (most) vdev in primary process.
> The very first reason is that the secondary process actually does not know
> the existence of those vdevs as vdevs are chained on a linked list, and
> not shareable to secondary.
> In this patch series, we would like to propose a vdev sharing model like this:
>   - As a secondary process boots, all devices (including vdev) in primary
>     will be automatically shared. After both primary and secondary process
>     booted,
>   - Device add/remove in primary will be translated to device hog plug/unplug
>     event in secondary processes. (TODO)
>   - Device add in secondary
>     * If that kind of device support multi-process, the secondary will
>       request the primary to probe the device and the primary to share
>       it to the secondary. It's not necessary to have secondary-private
>       device in this case. (TODO)
>     * If that kind of device does not support multi-process, the secondary
>       will probe the device by itself, and the port id is shared among
>       all primary/secondary processes.

Are you OK to consider this series for DPDK 18.08?

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