On 4/13/2018 9:17 AM, Jan Remeš wrote:
>> Hi Matej,
>> Where szedata_get_area_numa_node() is defined?
>> Is it possible that you are missing a patch?
>> Thanks,
>> ferruh
> Hi Ferruh,
> the new PMD requires an updated version of libsze2 and drivers. We
> have just published the updated packages here:
> https://www.netcope.com/en/company/community-support/dpdk-libsze2.

DPDK documentation mentions about libsze2 dependency but there is no version

And I have not seen any note that says a new version of library is required,
perhaps I missed it, is there a documentation which says which version of DPDK
requires which version of the dependencies?

What is the way of tracing this dependency?

> Sorry for the hickup.
> Best regards,
>   Jan

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