On 13-Apr-18 7:30 PM, Arnon Warshavsky wrote:
The purpose of this patch series is to cleanup the library code
from paths that end up aborting the process,
and move to checking error values, in order to allow the running process
perform an orderly teardown or other mitigation of the event.

This patch modifies the majority of rte_panic calls
under lib and drivers, and replaces them with a log message
and an error return code according to context,
that can be propagated up the call stack.

- Focus was given to the dpdk initialization path
- Some of the panic calls within drivers were left in place where
   the call is from within an interrupt or calls that are
   on the data path,where there is no simple applicative
   route to propagate the error to temination.
   These should be handled by the driver maintainers.
- In order to avoid breaking ABI where panic was called from public
   void functions, a panic state variable was introduced so that
   it can be queried after calling these void functions.
   This tool place for a single function call.
- local void functions with no api were changed to retrun a value
   where needed
- No change took place in example and test files
- No change took place for debug assertions calling panic
- A new function was added to devtools/checkpatches.sh
   in order to prevent new additions of calls to rte_panic
   under lib and drivers.

Keep calm and don't panic


- reformat error messages so that literal string are in the same line
- fix typo in commit message
- add new return code to doxigen of rte_memzone_free()

- submit  all 13 patches changed and unchanged in the same patchset

This patchset needs to be rebased. There were a few changes that make some of the patches unnecessary.

Changes in patch 7 and 9 were addressed in earlier memory hotplug patchset, and are no longer applicable. Some things may have changed for patch 12 as well.


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