I am trying to run pktgen on two VMs connected directly and using Virtio 
network cards. I created this configuration both on VirtualBox 5.2.8 and 
Libvirt/Qemu/KVM. On VirtualBox I use internal networks and on Libvirt I used 
tcp tunnel and bridged networks. In all of these configurations when I run 
pktgen and issue a command to start sending packets it sends packets only for a 
fraction of second for each port that I try. After that transmission stalls and 
only restarting pktgen allows to send some packets again for a fraction of 

I created a bug on pktgen [1] but pktgen author advised me to contact Virtio 
driver authors here because he believes that this is not a problem of pktgen, 
but rather Virtio driver not freeing buffers. The problem is reproducible 
currently with DPDK 18.02 and pktgen 3.4.9 and was reproducible previously with 
DPDK 17.08 and pktgen 3.4.0.

Can Virtio driver developers please comment on whether this is really a problem 
of Virtio driver and if it is going to be fixed?

[1] https://github.com/pktgen/Pktgen-DPDK/issues/148

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