When I used the mlx4 pmd, I meet a problem about mlx4 VF bond 
switching which bond mod is backup-mode . The detail test is descripted below.
1.Test environmemt infomation:
  a. Linux distribution: CentOS
  b. dpdk version: dpdk-16.04
  c. Ethernet device : mlx4 VF
  d. pmd info: mlx4 poll-mode-driver

2.Test step:
  a. we bond the mlx4 VF Ethernet device eth7,eth8 into backup-mode by dpdk 
application. Eth7 and eth8 are both active, and  eth7 is the primary device.
  b. As we know,  the device eth7 , eth8 are also  visible by kernel driver 
  c. Then we config the Ethernet device eth7 down by the command ' ifconfig 
eth7 down', the expect result is the bond primary device will  not switch.
  d. However we find the dpdk bond primary device switch to eth8 by dpdk 
maintenance interface one time in all 20 test times.

   Is the VF up or down State of kernel interface has some relations to 
user-space state? For example, when ifconfig eth7 down, and the user-space will 
change to down state too.

   Please send your reply to 
chenchan...@huawei.com<mailto:chenchan...@huawei.com>, any suggestion is to be 
greatefully appreciated.

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