Attendees - Aman, Padma, Sorabh, Karthik, Parth, Boaz, Arina, Gautam,
Serhiy, Vitalii, Charles Givre, Zelaine

1) Features in progress for 1.9 release

   - Parquet filter pushdown (Jinfeng)
   - Number of distinct values stats (Gautam)
   - Parquet file reader performance improvements (Parth)
   - Dynamic UDFs (Arina)

2) DRILL-3423 - HTTPD format plugin

Charles asked about this.  He would like to see this committed into Drill.
He's made some additional changes on top of Jim Scott's pull request.
However, he hasn't addressed the issues that Jacques raised last Nov in
Jim's original pull request.  Aman will follow up with Jim to see if he's
doing any work on his pull request.

3) New MapR folks working on Drill

   - Boaz Ben-Zvi
   - Karthik Manivannan
   - Sorabh Hamirwasia

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