Attendees - Jinfeng, Karthik, Khurram, Sorabh, Kunal, Padma, Zelaine

Questions on behavior of Drill when querying on empty files/directories -

   - Empty directory case currently returns table not found.  Consensus was
   that this is correct.  Because without any files, Drill doesn't know which
   reader to use, and therefore, can't do any processing.  Khurram will try
   this out and compare against the case of a directory with empty JSON/csv
   files, which should return no rows found.
   - Questions on recent UNION ALL handling of empty files.  Khurram will
   discuss offline with Aman.
   - Directory with a metadata file but no data  (due to user error in
   deleting data) -- Consensus was this should return an error since the
   metadata doesn't match with the non-existent data.

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