Github user sachouche commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: exec/memory/base/src/main/java/io/netty/buffer/ ---
    @@ -703,7 +703,18 @@ protected void _setLong(int index, long value) {
       public ByteBuf getBytes(int index, ByteBuf dst, int dstIndex, int 
length) {
    -    udle.getBytes(index + offset, dst, dstIndex, length);
    +    final int BULK_COPY_THR = 1024;
    --- End diff --
    - I had a chat with @bitblender and he explains that Java was invoking a 
stub (not a function call) to perform copyMemory; he agreed copyMemory will be 
slower for small buffers and the task was to determine the cutoff point
    - My tests (I will send you my test) indicate that a length of 1024bytes is 
the length were copyMemory starts performing exactly as getByte()
    NOTE - I am using JRE 1.8; static buffers initialized once; payload 1MB 
(1048576bytes) and loop-count of 102400; MacOS High Sierra; 1 thread, 4GB MX, MS


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