Github user ppadma commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -137,10 +137,10 @@ public ColumnSize(ValueVector v, String prefix) {
           case MAP:
           case UNION:
             // No standard size for Union type
    -        dataSize = v.getPayloadByteCount(valueCount);
    +        dataSize = valueCount == 0 ? 0 : v.getPayloadByteCount(valueCount);
    --- End diff --
    When we get empty batch, getPayloadByteCount will throw out of bounds 
exception if the underlying method tries to read the value vector for index 0 
i.e. when it is trying to read offset vector. I added the check in those 
methods and removed here. 
    I still have to retain the check here for the case when we are trying to 
read the offset vector.


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