Hi All,
Anyone available to review PR #1112? It is another step in committing the final 
result set loader revisions.
Recall that we more-or-less decided to commit the remaining work as a series of 
small PRs rather than a single huge one. [1] This does require quite a bit of 
work to constantly rebase on master, and to redevelop each partial PR so it 
works by itself. This is done to ease reviews. But, the cost is that there are 
more PRs, and the schedule is more sensitive to the "aging" delays before 
someone starts reviewing a PR.
We've also discussed Salim's intent to re-implement some of this work for 
Parquet (at least the part that limits batch size). That intent may come, in 
part, because it appears easier to just do new code rather than wait for the 
existing code to be committed. Would be great if we could redirect some of that 
new-code effort into reviews of the existing stuff so it can be used.
- Paul
[1]  https://github.com/paul-rogers/drill/wiki/BH-Code-Intro#pull-request-plan

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