The code base is huge so many contributions that I doubt anyone knows all 
aspects of Drill. So don't be overwhelmed by the amount of code. :)

Starting with the Architecture:

There are plenty of resources here, and even online youtube/slideshare content 
for the same.

The fastest way would be to try out something like this: 
Developing UDFs for specific usecases (like GIS, etc) is a good start.

If you are feeling lucky and going bold, you can look at the the existing bugs 
 ) and filter down on components that you want to be familiar ( (or are 
comfortable) with working on. 

We're looking forward to your contribution. 

On 3/5/2018 8:47:02 AM, Raahul Seshadri <> wrote:

I'm interesting in contributing to Drill. I've downloaded the source code
and am trying to understand the architecture and where all the pieces fit.
I tried going back in time to the initial git commits, so that I could
understand how things came to be, but it's still a pretty big codebase. I
wanted to know if there are any other guides or advice, apart from the ones
on the Drill website, on understanding the structure of the source code
better? (I've been through the design documentation)

Also, is it possible to get an invite to Slack?


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