Github user ilooner commented on the issue:
    @vrozov Thanks for catching this, I believe you are right. 
hasClouseoutThread guarantees innerNext and close won't be called concurrently. 
However, I still believe innerNext and receivingFragmentFinished could be 
called concurrently, since the ControlMessageHandler thread executes 
recievingFragmentFinished. Additionally in rare cases where a limit query is 
cancelled recievingFragmentFinished and close could be called concurrently as 
well. While reflecting on your comments I also saw another issue where the root 
could be blocked on a next call but a Finished event would not cause root to 
    In light of all of this I actually think the **synchronized** is not 
sufficient. We will have to have some way to interrupt the execution of the 
root when we received a finish signal and only close out the resources after 
receivingFragmentFinished has been called. Similarly if we receive a finish 
signal we should ignore any cancellation requests instead of trying to cancel 
and finish simultaneously and vice versa.
    I will rework the solution to address these issues and let you know when I 
have an update.


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