Github user vvysotskyi commented on the pull request:
    In logical/src/main/java/org/apache/drill/common/expression/
    In logical/src/main/java/org/apache/drill/common/expression/ 
on line 46:
    @gparai, for the case, when `DYNAMIC_STAR` is passed into parseFromString() 
method, the result will be the same, as for the passing "*" string - error. 
`DYNAMIC_STAR` is used in the same places, where usual column names are used. 
But column names may contain some symbols which also breaks Lexer/Parser. 
Therefore column names are wrapped into `SchemaPath` using `getSimplePath()` 
method. `DYNAMIC_STAR` also wrapped into the `SchemaPath`, and its string 
representation may be received using `SchemaPath.STAR_COLUMN.toExpr()` -> 
"\`**\`". So `SchemaPath.parseFromString(SchemaPath.STAR_COLUMN.toExpr())` is 
able to parse it.


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