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    --- Diff: exec/vector/pom.xml ---
    @@ -69,6 +69,7 @@
    +      <scope>test</scope>
    --- End diff --
    @vrozov JUnit supports including or excluding tests based on categories. 
Categories are just marker interfaces that are passed to the `@Category` 
annotation. For example a test class annotated with `@Category(SlowTest.Class)` 
will be excluded from a Travis run since Travis excludes the SlowTest category. 
All the test categories needed to be included in a common artifact since all 
the drill submodules require the test categories. So the test categories were 
added to drill-common. 
    If drill-common is not included mvn would fail with an error when running 
tests marked with `@Category(SlowTest.class)` since JUnit would not be able to 
find the SlowTest class.


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