Github user sohami commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: exec/java-exec/src/main/resources/rest/index.ftl ---
    @@ -79,9 +91,14 @@
                     <td id="status" >${drillbit.getState()}</td>
    +                <!-- #if (model.shouldShowAdminInfo() || 
!model.isAuthEnabled()) -->
                     <#if (model.shouldShowAdminInfo() || 
!model.isAuthEnabled()) && drillbit.isCurrent() >
    -                      <button type="button" id="shutdown" 
onClick="shutdown($(this));"> SHUTDOWN </button>
    +                      <button type="button" id="shutdown" 
onClick="shutdown($(this));"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-off"></span> 
SHUTDOWN </button>
    +                  </td>
    +                <#elseif (model.shouldShowAdminInfo() || 
!model.isAuthEnabled()) && !drillbit.isCurrent() >
    +                  <td>
    --- End diff --
    the elseif check should be `(!model.isAuthEnabled && !drillbit.isCurrent() 
&& check to see if not https)`
    FYI - On a bigger note I think it will be cumbersome and error prone to 
implement remote shutdown when security is enabled using WebClient side 
changes. There are few options which where discussed on how to achieve it, 
please see: [DRILL-6244]( I 
would prefer if we can be consistent to do remote shutdown in same way for both 
secure and unsecure case.


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