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+# How to build, publish and run a Apache Drill Docker image
+## Prerequisites
+To build an Apache Drill docker image, you need to have the following software 
installed on your system to successfully complete a build. 
+  * Java 8
+  * Maven 3.3.1 or greater
+  * Docker 18 or greater
+## Checkout
+`git clone`
+## Build Drill
+$ cd drill
+$ mvn clean install
+## Build Docker Image
+$ cd distribution
+$ mvn dockerfile:build -Pdocker
+## Push Docker Image
+   By default, the image built above is configured to be pushed to [Drill 
Docker Hub]( to create official 
Drill Docker images. 
+$ cd distribution
+$ mvn dockerfile:push -Pdocker
+  You can configure the repository in pom.xml to point to any private or 
public container registry, or specify it in your mvn command:
+$ cd distribution
+$ mvn dockerfile:push -Pdocker -Pdocker.repository=<my_repo>
+## Run Docker Container
+   Running the Docker container should start Drill in embedded mode and 
connect to Sqlline
+$ docker run -i -t drill/apache-drill:1.14.0 /bin/bash
 Review comment:
   Please add the following clarifications:
   1. Detach: When starting this way (without detach), once you exit the 
sqline, container will be also killed. To persist the container use `--detach`: 
`docker run -i --detach -t drill/apache-drill:1.14.0 /bin/bash /bin/bash`.
   2. Port forwarding: In order to access Drill WebUI you need to open 8047 
port: `docker run -i -p 8047:8047 -t drill/apache-drill:1.14.0 /bin/bash`.
   To find you ip of your machine, execute: `docker-machine ip default` or 
`docker-machine ip drill-machine` depending on your current dicker machine name.
   3. Name: Suggest optionally to add name to the container (`--name drill`): 
`docker run --name drill -i -p 8047:8047 -t drill/apache-drill:1.14.0 
   4. Docker machine: On Windows and Mac default docker machine might not have 
enough resources.
   On my env I had to create new docker machine. Example:
   # stop default
   docker-machine stop default
   # add drill-machine
   docker-machine create -d virtualbox --virtualbox-cpu-count "2" 
--virtualbox-memory "16384" drill-machine
   # activate drill-machine
   eval $(docker-machine env drill-machine)
   # check status
   docker-machine active
   5. Querying custom files: To query custom files (which I believe will be the 
major use case), user needs to mount a volume 
( and then update file storage plugin 
to look at that volume. I did not try that but it's worth mentioning and even 
adding a simple manual.

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