Bohdan Kazydub created DRILL-7373:

             Summary: Fix problems involving reading from DICT type
                 Key: DRILL-7373
             Project: Apache Drill
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Bohdan Kazydub
            Assignee: Bohdan Kazydub

Add better support for different key types ({{boolean}}, {{decimal}}, 
{{float}}, {{double}} etc.) when retrieving values by key from {{DICT}} column  
when querying data source with known (during query validation phase) field 
types (such as Hive table), so that actual key object instance  is created in 
generated code and is passed to given {{DICT}} reader instead of generating its 
value for every row based on {{int}} ({{ArraySegment}}) or {{String}} 
({{NamedSegment}}) value.

This may be achieved by storing original literal value of passed key (as 
{{Object}}) in {{PathSegment}} and its type (as {{MajorType}}) and using it 
during code generation when reading {{DICT}}'s values by key in 

Also, fix NPE when reading some cases involving reading values from {{DICT}} 
and fix wrong result when reading complex structures using many ITEM operators 
(i.e. , [] brackets), e.g. 
SELECT rid, mc.map_arr_map['key01'][1]['key01.1'] p16 FROM hive.map_complex_tbl 
where {{map_arr_map}} is of following type: {{MAP<STRING, ARRAY<MAP<STRING, 

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