Very glad to see our early discussion in the incubator stage, I totally agree 
and prefer the issues as Dubbo issue tacking infra. 

One hint, if we choose the issues, we must be cautious with the label choose 
for effective group or classification management(just as components feature on 
jira) work :-)

Best Regards,
Von Gosling

> 在 2018年3月7日,16:27,Adrian Cole <> 写道:
> non-binding opinion from an integrator:
> dubbo is an RPC layer, so it has a lot of integrators on top. It has a
> history in github as well, and people are used to doing issues. I
> would suggest maintaining github issues as ecosystem-related change
> that is in github is far easier to track this way. For example, I've
> made many issues in different dubbo repositories, and cross linked to
> zipkin seamlessly. I like that it is easy.

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