Hi, folks.

I understand that conventionally apache incubator projects don't have
user lists. I suspect someone more familiar can give the whole story
on that, but I assume the rationale is to be a bit cautious while the
project matures. Notably, this is maturing in the Apache way, conduct
and community.

That said, I was a bit alarmed to see a suggestion that all users
should be routed to the dev list from github.

The reason I was concerned was just the huge following dubbo has..
2.7k watchers if not ignoring will receive this advice :) Perhaps
prematurely, I'm worried that redirecting routine users to the dev
list will be hard to undo once people establish a pattern. I feel we
could stop that pattern up-front by having a user list and suggesting
that instead.

Please bear in mind that I don't have a lot of experience with dubbo
and people communicating on the "wrong list" isn't necessarily bad. I
might just be a bit scared due to the scale of the existing community

Thoughts welcome, and if none, thanks for letting me express myself :)


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