Hi ,all

      Recently,the v2.5.10 is published. It is from 2.5.x branch.  But a PR 
(https://github.com/alibaba/dubbo/pull/1401)  I created is missed.  Because my 
PR is merged to master branch,but not be merged to 2.5.x

     How can we avoid it?  I think we can do like this :
       1. When you create a pull request,you should choose a branch  as base 
branch (master or 2.5.x).
       2. If it is a bug branch, should be created  using 2.5.x branch as a 
basic branch, sign a "bug" tag in the issue.
           Else if a new feature, should use master branch as a basic 
branch,sign a "enhancement feature" tag .

   What do you think about?

Xin Wang

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