Hi All,

For now, the dubbo community have three release artifact:
1. dubbo 2.6.x
2. dubbo 2.5.x
3. dubbo-spring-boot-starter

The release cycle of 2.6.x is roughly a month, while 2.5.x is
uncertain because it is a maintenance branch that only accept bugfix.

dubbo-spring-boot-starter only have 1 release until now, and depends
on the dubbo 2.6.x.

Since we are going to have our first Apache release, I have a couple
of questions and would like to discuss with the community:

0. Should we have release manager for these artifacts? Is there any
committer volunteer to be release manager?

1. Should we keep the release cycle for 2.6.x?  Our first Apache
release might take some time because we have bunch of things to do
[1][2][3]. If we need to do keep it, we'd better enter code freeze
soon as start to prepare for the release.

2. What should be included in the 2.6.x release? My suggestion is
label the issues and pull request with a milestone like

3. Should we have a release cycle for 2.5.x and
dubbo-spring-boot-starter? If we do, what the release cycle is?

4. Should we stop accepting new pull request while we are preparing
the release? Since 2.6.x is on the master branch, if we are working on
that branch for release, new pull request won't be able to come in.

5. Should we keep maintaining 2.5.x branch forever? Or do we have an
end of life of 2.5.x and encourage people to migrate to 2.6.x?

[1] http://www.apache.org/dev/#releases
[2] https://incubator.apache.org/guides/releasemanagement.html
[3] https://rocketmq.apache.org/docs/release-manual

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