celesky opened a new issue #1597: CacheFilter,when value is null,it will throw 
NPE(if use ehcache for jcache),why not check null here
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-dubbo/issues/1597
   when value is null,it will throw NPE(if use ehcache for jcache),why not 
check null here?
   if the value is null ,maybe we have no need to cache it.
   `package com.alibaba.dubbo.cache.filter;
   public class CacheFilter implements Filter {
       private CacheFactory cacheFactory;
       public void setCacheFactory(CacheFactory cacheFactory) {
           this.cacheFactory = cacheFactory;
       public Result invoke(Invoker<?> invoker, Invocation invocation) throws 
RpcException {
           if (cacheFactory != null && 
 Constants.CACHE_KEY))) {
               Cache cache = 
               if (cache != null) {
                   String key = 
                   if (cache != null && key != null) {
                       Object value = cache.get(key);
                       if (value != null) {
                           return new RpcResult(value);
                       Result result = invoker.invoke(invocation);
                       if (!result.hasException()) {
                           cache.put(key, result.getValue());
                       return result;
           return invoker.invoke(invocation);

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